“The Least of These”: Black Children, Sexual Abuse, and Theological Malpractice – The Feminist Wire

Content Notice: By Ahmad Greene-Hayes This article is part of the #LoveWITHAccountability forum on The Feminist Wire. The purpose of this forum and the #LoveWITHAccountability is to prioritize child sexual abuse, healing, and justice in national dialogues and work on racial justice and gender-based violence.

Eddie Long And The Black Church’s Legacy Of Child Sexual Abuse

On Sunday, January 15, Bishop Eddie Long passed away. Long was the prominent Atlanta pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, which at its height, boasted a congregation of over 25,000. A man of many controversies, Long had been closely scrutinized by the United States Senate for potentially profiting off of his church’s tax-exempt status.

Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who’s Dead

The way we will look away or close our eyes when our children are in danger. Turn our children over, in fact, as an offering, as another kind of tithe to a person who means to use them as food or sex…

Your Child Should Never Be Forced to Hug Anyone (Yes, Including a Relative) – Here Are 7 Reasons Why – Everyday Feminism

Two of my good friends had their first baby late this past year. From the get-go, Baby was a cuddly little girl. (Or, as her two moms say, “We assume she’s a girl, but we won’t know for sure until she tells us herself.”) She was all about being held and being rocked – and crying her head off the moment anybody dared to put her down.


Unholy Touches: A Black Church Boy Speaks.

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