Summer 2017 Faith and Justice Intern


Nika Zarazvand is a rising sophomore at Yale University and an avid photographer, writer, and activist from Southern California. She is pursuing an anthropology degree with a focus on the effects of neoliberal economic policy and global capitalism on the daily lives of Middle Eastern women. Nika was born in Tehran, and comes from a family of political theorists, teachers, writers, and researchers who have inspired her to consciously practice balancing Western and Eastern philosophy in academic and personal disciplines. Her research interests include Orientalist discourse in global affairs, third world movements, and faith-based theories of social justice. At Yale, she is the design editor for the Yale Herald, an organizer with Students Unite Now, and a board member of Engender, a group dedicated to combating sex-segregation and sexual violence in Greek life.

During her summers, Nika travels to Iran to visit family, photograph home, and bridge connections between women in Tehran and the greater Iranian diaspora. She has worked with international non-profit groups like Child Foundation to understand the way organizations do social work that governments cannot fulfill. She is fascinated by exploring the inner workings of smaller non-profit initiatives that take very specific and innovative approaches to tackling social problems that umbrella policies and projects cannot resolve as effectively.