Rev. Kym McNair

Rev. Kymberly McNair is a preacher, teacher, sister, daughter, Titi and survivor of child sexual abuse.

In August 2008, while she was attending a gospel music workshop, Rev. McNair had the opportunity to sit down and offer her uncle, the man who sexually violated her when she was 5 years old, forgiveness. They spoke for several hours and she learned some of the facts of her abuse and she learned about the man who abused her. Since those hot days in August, Rev. McNair has contemplated the ways in which a theology of forgiveness can either shackle or liberate a survivor of child sexual abuse. For her, forgiveness has cleared the way toward a liberation that continues to evolve.

Rev. McNair is a member of the Safe Church Project based at CONNECT in New York City. She tweets for the collaborative and her twitter handle is @ENDCSA_NYC.