Board of Advisors: Jason Gordon

Jason Gordon has been involved in faith-based healing work centered around sexual abuse for 8 years.  Although he situated on the privileged side of gender, orientation and ableism, his calling to healing work has led him on a humble journey in understanding the transformative self-care practices of Black womyn who have survived sexual and childhood sexual abuse.  This journey has helped him understand that the love and power from which Black womyn find their hope is rooted in an organic unpolished Womanist Theology that far exceeded any form of patriarchy rooted power he was accustomed to utilizing in solving emotional problems.  

Jason resides in Philadelphia, PA where he is a member of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, and is the male facilitator for Sacred Sanctuary, a ministry that walks with those impacted by sexual abuse.  His daily practice of self-reflection, and introspection involves the excavation of the interconnecting networks and systems that have shaped his life and how it is interwoven into fabric of what one would call ‘Black life.’    

Outside of healing work, Jason is a writer and a filmmaker and is the owner of the emerging production company Hiahni Media Productions.  In addition to providing photography and video services, Jason in 2015 released “Black Sexuality:  Dark Side of the Moon” a documentary that explores the various factors that influence the sexual views and sexual lives of African-Americans.  

Through his own experience of being a childhood sexual abuse survivor Jason is committed to abolishing child sex abuse in the Black church in particular and in communities of faith in general.  Jason firmly believes in the redemptive power of the Black church and its potential in playing a pivotal role in the Black Lives Movement, but it must first address the in-house issue of child sex abuse that detrimentally affects Black children and subsequently Black adults.